10/4 4" & Wider Sapele Mahogany Lumber 7'-8' long - 100 BF pack


S2S: Rough


100 BF pack 10/4 4"&Wdr FAS Sapele Mahogany

Our 7'-8' long 10/4 Sapele packs are random width boards 5" and wider and typically averaging around 8 inches. Widths may run as wide as 16". Grade is FAS by NHLA grading rules and typically runs clear on both faces.

If you wish to have us ensure some wide is included please let us know in the notes section of the order.

Species: Sapele

Common Names/Species: Aboudikroe, Penkwa, Assi, Sapele, Assie sapelli,  Lifari, Sapeli

Scientific Name: Entandrophragma cylindricum

Description: Texture rather fine; grain interlocked; sometimes wavy. Lustrous. Works fairly well. Excellent substitute for Genuine Mahogany. Sapele is a great choice for high end exterior millwork such as doors, windows, porch rail, balusters, soffit material, cornices, shiplap and other types of trim. For interiors it is used as mahogany substitute for fine cabinetry, furniture and mouldings.

Common uses: Interior millwork, Exterior millwork, Furniture, Cabinetry, windows and doors

Sources: Africa

lbs/BF (dry): 3.5

Hardness: Medium to Hard


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